Bucher Biotec AG • Viaduktstrasse 42 • CH-4051 Basel • Switzerland

Bucher Biotec AG is a privately held, well established Swiss distributor company representing major US and European manufacturers of scientific instruments and associated consumables for life sciences research.

Our product portfolio includes single mode and multimode microplate readers, high throughput screening (HTS) and assay development systems, assay reagent kits, biosensors, cell analysis and 3D cell imaging systems, confocal imagers, laser capture microdissection systems, a comprehensive range of laser scanners/imagers for radioisotopic-, fluorescent- and chemiluminescent-labeled samples, CCD camera systems, RNA/DNA isolation/purification systems and amplification kits, robotic micro- and nanoliter liquid handling and plate handling systems, live-cell imaging systems, systems for label-free & real-time biomolecular analysis, system for label-free and real-time metabolic measurements in a convienent microplate format, cellular bioenergetic analyzer, tissue stabilizing systems, atomic force microscope systems, optical tweezers & 3D particle tracking system, system for cellular adhesion and cytomechanics, automated force spectroscopy system as well as high troughput flow cytometry screening systems.

Since more than thirty years we strive to provide highest standards in pre- and post-sales applications and technical support.