Simultaneous Measurement of Cardiomyocyte Contractility and Electrophysiology

30-Oct-14: The new xCELLigence® RTCA CardioECR system combines impedance and Multi Electrode Array (MEA) technology with a pacing function. RTCA CardioECR is the first platform to allow simultaneous real-time measurement of cardiomyocyte contractility by impedance, and electric activity by field potential measurement.

ACEA xCELLigence CardioECR System

Introducing the new Seahorse XFp Extracellular Flux Analyzer
Proven XF Technology, Accessible for Every Lab

25-JUN-14: With the new XFp Analyzer, it is easier than ever to perform functional metabolic measurements in live cells in your own lab. The instrument has been designed to perform gold-standard metabolic assays reliably and consistently on your precious samples. The compact format of the XFp Analyzer and optimized XFp Miniplate make this new platform ideal for pairwise comparisons to validate your genomic or proteomic data. Interested?

Expansion of Distribution for IntelliCyt to Germany and Austria

01-May-14: We are extremely proud to inform you, that IntelliCyt has appointed Bucher Biotec AG alos as it's exclusive distributor for Germany and Austria. Since our inception we strive to provide a truly high standard in customer support, pre- and post-sales, applications support as well as a comprehensive technical service.

ACEA Biosciences Introduces the NovoCyte™ Flow Cytometer

02-APR-14: The new NovoCyte Flow Cytometer addresses a full range of multi-parameter cellular analysis research needs with high performance at a low investment cost, making it more attainable for researchers to have benchtop flow cytometers in their labs. Read more...

New representation: Fritz Gyger AG
Introducing CERTUS Nano Liquid Dispenser - Where Liquid Meets Accuracy

25-FEB-14: We are pleased to announce the latest addition to our exclusive represenations: Fritz Gyger AG is very well known for its high precision CERTUS FLEX Nano Liquid Dispenser as well as the new CERTUS HANDY!

new Representation: DeNovix Inc.
Introducing the DS-11 Microvolume Spectrophotometer

18-Sep-13: Bucher Biotec is very proud to announce the exlusiv distributor agreement with DeNovix Inc. for the Swiss market. DeNovix' DS-11 takes the world of microvolume spectrophotometry to a whole new level.  Its compact, stand-alone design allows it to operate without a PC and does not require any software installation. Just turn it on and it’s ready to go. Learn more...

New Representation: Genalyte
Instrumentation and multiplex assays for biomarker and protein detection.

01-Mar-13: Genalyte’s Multiplexing platform incorporates a revolutionary Microring Sensor Technology™. A new class of Next Generation Multiplexing that: Reduces or eliminates Sample Preparation; Provides scalable Multiplexing for both proteins and nucleic acids from a single sample; Achieves up to 8 logs of Dynamic Range.

Introducing New System for Multiplexed Screening of Suspension Assays

12-Jan-13: IntelliCyt Corporation announces the new iQue Screener, the Next Revolution in Screening Cells and Beads in Solution. The iQue Screener increases power and scope of phenotypic screening experiments.

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Bucher Biotec Update Newsletter

Bucher Biotec Update Newsletter
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