Bucher Biotec Update Newsletter

  • What if time, cell number or reagent costs would no longer limit your research?
  • Streamline your biopharmaceutical discovery and cell line development workflow like never before
  • Measure What's Important to Your Cell
  • Detect and Count Individual Bacteria Cells in Minutes
  • Microvolume Biomolecule Quantification
  • High Performance Flow Cytometry for Everyone
  • Imagine a New Dimenion of Tissue Imaging
  • It all starts with the Next Generation of Cell Counters
  • Say Goodbye to Blurred Eyepieces on Traditional Microscopes
  • Bringing Physiological Flow To Live Cell Assays
  • SMOD: The Smart Wireless Bio-Photometer
  • Meet Cy-Clone™ PLUS. The fastest way to the best clones.

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