Press Releases

New Addition to the IntelliCyt iQue® Screener PLUS Platform
The iQue Screener PLUS now offers a violet-yellow-blue laser configuration

13-Jun-16: In addition to the standard violet-blue-red laser configuration, the iQue Screener PLUS now offers a violetyellow-blue laser configuration which opens new avenues of exploration into the complex biology of the immune system and other suspension cells. This new configuration enables researchers to identify, profile, and resolve dim staining populations of interest, with more brightness and less spectral overlap when using Phycoerythrin or Phycoerythrin-tandem dyes. With three lasers and up to 15 detection channels, the iQue Screener PLUS is ideally suited to investigate fluorescent-protein-expressing cells labeled with fluorescent antibodies and functional probes.

Measure Cells’ Fuel Dependency and Flexibility in a Single Assay
Seahorse Bioscience Introduces the Seahorse XF Mito Fuel Flex Test Kit

22-Feb-16: Seahorse Bioscience , the world leader in tools for cell metabolism research, introduces the Seahorse XF Mito Fuel Flex Test Kits for XFp and Seahorse XFe Analyzers. Taking less than two hours the test enables a unique measure of the dependency, capacity and flexibility of cells to oxidize three critical mitochondrial fuels: glucose, glutamine, or fatty acids. This can only be accomplished in the context of a living cell capable of switching from one mitochondrial fuel to the next in real time.

The new XF Mito Fuel Flex Test provides a rapid, label-free solution for studying substrate metabolism. Now, researcher can measure both, fuel pathway preferences and compensation, by modulating all three pathways in one single assay.

Cell Energy Phenotype Test Determines Metabolic Potential

30-Jun-15: Seahorse Bioscience, the world leader in tools for cell metabolism research, introduces the XFp Cell Energy Phenotype Test Kit. The kit enables a unique real-time assay on live cells that determines their baseline metabolic phenotype and potential. This one-hour test measures both the mitochondrial and glycolytic activity of the cells, and compares their baseline values with metabolic activity under stressed conditions, induced by a single injection, to determine the metabolic potential – the cells’ ability to respond to an energy demand. This kit has been designed specifically for use with the XFp Extracellular Flux Analyzer.

Accelerate your research with the X-CLARITY™ Tissue Clearing System

30-Jun-15: The new X-CLARITY™ Tissue Clearing System from the imaging specialists at Logos Biosystems provides an all-in-one solution for electrophoretic tissue clearing. X-CLARITY™ Tissue Clearing System is based on the groundbreaking CLARITY™ method, which provides unparalleled tissue samples for imaging. You can clarify a whole adult mouse brain in under 48 hours.

Accelerate Suspension-cell Screening and Combinatorial Profiling for Immunological Applications
IntelliCyt launches new iQue® Screener PLUS

30-Jun-15: iQue Screener PLUS is an integrated platform that delivers more choice and flexibility for high content analyses of single cells at the pace and price point that busy screening, immunology, and profiling labs demand.

IntelliCyt Corporation, a leading developer of integrated solutions that accelerate drug discovery and life science research, today announced the launch of the iQue® Screener PLUS. The iQue Screener platform is an integrated instrument, software, and reagent system that enhances the screening workflow from sample preparation through results. It enables rapid, high content, multiplexed analysis of cells and beads in suspension in 96, 384, and 1536 well plates.

Genedata and IntelliCyt Forge Alliance to Transform Cell-based Screening in Drug Discovery

17-Jun-15: Genedata and IntelliCyt today announced an alliance that brings together the market-leading strengths of each company to transform screening of suspension cells. The technology alliance integrates the highlyscalable data analytics and workflow capabilities of Genedata Screener® software with the high-throughput (HT) flow cytometry capabilities of the IntelliCyt iQue® Screener system. The integrated solution enables drug discovery researchers to efficiently screen large libraries against suspension cells and multiplex beads in phenotypic drug discovery, antibody screening, immunology, and biomarker research - an industry first.

The World’s Most Advanced Metabolic Analyzer: The New XFp Analyzer

28-Jul-14: Seahorse Bioscience, the world leader in metabolic analyzers and XF stress test kits for measuring cell metabolism, introduces the XFp Extracellular Flux Analyzer - an affordable extension to the XF product platform. This new, lower cost instrument will enable many more labs access to Seahorse's unique technology.

ACEA Biosciences Introduces the NovoCyte™ Flow Cytometer

2-Apr-14: The new NovoCyte Flow Cytometer addresses a full range of multi-parameter cellular analysis research needs with high performance at a low investment cost, making it more attainable for researchers to have benchtop flow cytometers in their labs.

IntelliCyt Introduces New System for Multiplexed Screening of Suspension Assays

17-Jan-13: New iQue Screener Increases Power and Scope of Phenotypic Screening Experiments

IntelliCyt Corporation, a provider of assay screening solutions for phenotypic drug discovery, antibody discovery and in vitro toxicity testing, today announced the introduction of their new iQue™ Screener. The new system is the latest addition to IntelliCyt’s platform of instrumentation, application-specific reagents, integrated multiuser analysis and informatics tools.

Seahorse Introduces XFe
The World’s Most Advanced Cell Metabolism Analyzer

13-Oct-12: Seahorse Bioscience, the world leader in instruments and assay kits for measuring cell metabolism, unveiled the new XFe - the world’s most advanced cell metabolism analyzer.
The Seahorse XFe Extracellular Flux Analyzer measures the two major energy pathways of the cell - mitochondrial respiration and glycolysis - in a microplate, in realtime.

New MultiCyt™ Screening Kits for Biologics Discovery

28-Feb-12: IntelliCyt Corporation, a leading life science technology provider of innovative high-throughput cell-based screening solutions, has launched a unique suite of screening kits to address the rapidly growing biologics market. The new MultiCyt Screening Kits, used with the HTFC® Screening System which combines high sensitivity with single cell measurements, address challenges and limitations associated with legacy platforms.

Mitochondrial Measurements
Living Cells, Label-Free and Microplate Format
Introducing the Seahorse Bioscience XF24 Extracellular Flux Analyzer

11-Aug-08: The XF24 Extracellular Flux Analyzer from Seahorse Bioscience is a better way to profile bioenergetics.By measuring both mitochondrial respiration and glycolysis simultaneously and in real-time, the XF24 provides physiologically relevant insight into the effect of drug treatments, gene transfections and toxins on cell metabolism.

New Headquarters - We've moved!

6-Mar-06: We are most pleased to announce our relocation to the exciting new facilities at the second floor of the „WHITE PLAZA“ in Basel. After twenty years at the previous office location we required more space for our continued growth.

The White Plaza building was designed by the world famous architect Richard Meier, well known amongst so many other prestigioues projects for the design of the Getty Center in Los Angeles.