DNA and RNA Isolation Kits (Frozen Tissues)

PicoPure™ RNA Isolation Kit

The PicoPure™ RNA Isolation Kit is engineered to recover high-quality total RNA consistently from fewer than ten cells. The high recovery rate attained using the Kit is valuable not only for small samples containing picograms of RNA but also for samples containing up to 100 mg of RNA. Since the RNA elutes in as little as 10 ml of buffer, it is ready for gene expression analysis without any vacuum concentration. The Kit is available in two sizes, enough for 10 or for 40 isolations.

  • Isolate RNA from Even A Single Cell
  • Get Superior RNA Recovery
  • Eliminate Time-Consuming RNA Concentration
  • Use High-yield Purification Columns
  • Deliver RNA Ready for Amplification and Microarray Analysis
  • Retain Low-abundance mRNA
  • Maintain High RNA Quality

PicoPure™ DNA Extraction Kit

The PicoPure™ DNA Extraction Kit offers an easy, streamlined genomic extraction procedure that produces PCR-ready DNA. Extract and amplify DNA in the same tube, without organic extraction or spin columns. Recover DNA from as few as ten cells procured by Laser Capture Microdissection (LCM) or from milligrams of tissue.

The PicoPure DNA Extraction Kit provides conveniently packaged, stable Proteinase K, PCR-compatible DNA Reconstitution Buffer and a complete user guide. In this reformatted Kit, each of ten lyophilized Proteinase K aliquots can be freshly reconstituted to make 150 ml of PicoPure DNA Extraction Solution-enough for 150 x 10 ml CapSure HS LCM Cap extractions or 30 x 50 ml CapSure Macro LCM Cap extractions-all at a much lower price.

  • Go Direct to PCR
  • Maximize DNA Recovery
  • Extract DNA for Any PCR Application
  • Use with Most Tissue and Cell Preparation Procedures

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