Staining Kits (Frozen Tissues)

HistoGene™ LCM Immunofluorescence Staining Kit

Identify target cells for Laser Capture Microdissection (LCM) and gene expression analysis using antigen markers to highlight specific surface or intracellular proteins. The HistoGene™ LCM Immunofluorescence Staining Kit is the only Kit specifically designed for retrieval of high-quality RNA from immunofluorescently stained frozen tissue. The Staining Kit provides reagents and slides for convenient and reliable immuno-flourescent staining. The Kit provides protocols streamlined and optimized to maintain RNA quality and materials sufficient for processing 32 slides.

  • Simplify Fluorescent Target Cell Labeling
  • Use a Quick 15-minute Process to Preserve mRNA
  • Chill Samples for Intact RNA
  • Get Brilliant High-contrast Label Intensity
  • Obtain Intact RNA from Many Tissue Types
  • Use Microgenomic Products for Microarray Analysis

HistoGene™ LCM Frozen Section Staining Kit

HistoGene Stain is a special solution developed by Arcturus to stain tissues for LCM subsequently used as sources of RNA. It is a fast penetrating stain that provides good contrast by differential staining of nuclei (purple) and cytoplasm (light pink). By minimizing the exposure of tissues to water where nucleases may be activated, the Histogene process helps to preserve RNA integrity that may be otherwise compromised when using longer staining protocols.

  • Provide Superior Staining while Preserving RNA
  • Simplify Tissue Staining and Dehydration
  • Retain Low-abundance mRNA
  • Maintain RNA Integrity
  • Use with Other Arcturus Products to Produce Superior Microarrays
  • Obtain High-quality RNA from Many Tissue Types

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