Arcturus XT™ Microdissection System

Flexible and Modular Laser Capture Microdissection System

Arcturus XT Microdissection System

  • Laser Capture Microdissection and UV Laser Cutting
  • Open, Modular Platform
  • Simple, Intuitive Operation
  • Superior Image Quality
  • Sample Custody Maintained at all Times
The ArcturusXT™ is a unique microdissection system that combines Laser Capture Microdissection (LCM) and Ultraviolet (UV) Laser Cutting in one instrument.
The open, modular design of the ArcturusXT platform provides unparalleled research flexibility and versatility. The system removes the guesswork from the microdissection process by allowing researchers to maintain custody of the sample throughout the microdissection process.

A Unique Offering of Laser Capture and Laser Cutting Microdissection

The solid-state IR laser, exclusive to the ArcturusXT microdissection system, delivers a gentle capture technique, maximizing biomolecule integrity and ideal for single cells and small number of cells. The solid-state UV laser delivers unprecedented speed and precision, ideal for dense tissue structures and for capturing large number of cells.

Flexible to Fit Your Needs

The ArcturusXT microdissection instrument is modularized to suit any dynamic research need. The system utilizes a Nikon TE2000U® research-grade inverted microscope with a variety of options available at the time of purchase or later. Each instrument has IR-enabled LCM, an interactive pen-display monitor, and a trackball actuated stage for easy and ergonomic navigation. The system may be configured with LED brightfield illumination or high-intensity halogen illumination, enabling Phase Contrast and Differential Interference Contrast (DIC) applications. ArcturusXT maybe purchased with or without UV laser cutting and attenuable fluorescence. A wide range of objectives are available, including 2X-100X Dry, and 100X Oil. A high-resolution megapixel camera may be added for ultimate image quality, and a second flatscreen monitor may be included for maximized workstation efficiency.

Simplified Workflow Through Streamlined User Interface

Operation Made Easy

The simple, intuitive user interface places the focus on research. From sample loading to extraction of biomolecules, the uncomplicated workflow maximizes experimental efficiency.

Never Lose Track Of Your Sample

Automatic electronic documentation may be employed to record each step of the process— before and after microdissection. Static images and live video can be taken at any point during the process. View the CapSure® LCM cap at the QC station for positive identification of captured material, and utilize Capture Groups to display and track all individual and group area measurements.

Unprecendet Research Flexibility

Ultimate Flexibility In Sample Source And Preparation

The unique combination of IR laser capture and UV laser cutting permits the use of any slide type and any sample preparation. Choose from glass, glass membrane or framed membrane slides for contact or non-contact microdissection. Any specimen preparation may be used:
  • thin or thick sections
  • frozen or formalin-fixed tissues
  • stained, fluorescently stained, or unstained sections
  • hydrated or dehydrated specimens
  • fine needle aspirates
  • forensic smears
  • live plant
  • cell cultures

Expansion Options

The ArcturusXT system’s open platform allows for upgrade and expansion of the instrument as research requirements change. The available microscope port lets the user modify the system for alternate applications with potential add-ons such as optical trap laser tweezers for high-precision micromanipulation of microscopic particles, or a second camera for high-resolution imaging. The system design also makes possible the addition of an environmental control chamber, providing optimal conditions for live cell and cell culture applications.

Rapidly Isolate Pure Cell Populations For Microgenomics Analysis

A Complete Set Of Instruments & Reagents For Microgenomics

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