Seahorse XFe Extracellular Flux Analyzers

The World’s Most Advanced Cell Metabolism Analyzers

Agilents' Seahorse XFe96 and Seahorse XFe24 Extracellular Flux Analyzers simultaneously interrogate the two major energy producing pathways of the cell – mitochondrial respiration and glycolysis - in a microplate, in real-time. The Seahorse XFe96 and Seahorse XFe24 Analyzers determine in vitro oxygen consumption rate (OCR), and extracellular acidification rate (ECAR), in order to assess cellular functions such as oxidative phosphorylation, glycolysis, and fatty acid oxidation.

The measurement of cellular bioenergetics on live cells enables time-resolved analysis and testing of multiple conditions per assay well. Seahorse XF assays provide increased throughput and use less sample compared to conventional respirometry techniques. By incorporating automated compound addition and solid-state fluorescence sensors in a microplate format, Seahorse XF technology provides the tools to:
  • Simultaneously measure oxygen consumption rate (OCR) and extracellular acidification rate (ECAR) in all assay wells.
  • Rapidly detect cellular responses to substrates, inhibitors, and other perturbants.
  • Test more conditions with the same amount of sample, maximizing the value of each experiment.
The Seahorse XFe Extracellular Flux Analyzer, Seahorse XF stress test kits, reagents, consumables, and software tools work together to simplify the measurement of cellular metabolism. The power of this platform has enabled researchers to generate data for over 1000 publications (external Link).

Cellular Bioenergetics Webinars

Seahorse Bioscience Cellular Bioenergetics Webinar Series featuring key thought leaders discussing their areas of expertise and the Seahorse XF technology.

This page lists all of Seahorse's upcoming and past webinars. You may also view Agilents Seahorse on-Demand webinars.

A Complete System

The Seahorse XFe Analyzer is an integrated platform comprising hardware, software, custom consumables, and reagents.

Bench-top Analyzer featuring temperature control, automated compound addition and mixing, and real-time reporting of OCR and ECAR. The instrument is controlled by a glove-compatible touch-screen computer.

Wave Software is used to design, run, and view results from Seahorse XF assays. An easy 4-step process guides the assay design process. Experiments can be designed directly on the controller or on a Windows® desktop computer (Wave has an unlimited-use license), and then imported into the Seahorse XFe Analyzer. Kinetic data can be viewed in real-time during the run. After data collection is complete, a variety of views and charting tools built into the Wave software assist in data interpretation. Available output formats include customizable reports as well as export to MS Excel.

Learn more about how Seahorse XF Technology works here.

Cartridges and Well Plates are a critical component of the XFe platform.

Solid state sensors for oxygen consumption and extracellular acidification are integrated into the cartridge, which also contains compound injection ports for injecting up to four substrates, inhibitors, etc. throughout the course of the experiment.

By coupling the sensor cartridge and custom well plate, a transient microchamber is formed. The rates of oxygen consumption and extracellular acidification are rapid in this small (2-7 µL) volume, so small changes in O2 level and pH can be readily detected. Automated opening and closing of the microchamber results in a return to baseline levels and allows mixing of injected perturbants. FluxPacks are a convenient way to acquire the cartridges, well plates, and calibrant required to conduct eighteen (or six) XF assays.

XF Stress Test Kits and Reagents provide a standardized means to perform XF assays quickly and easily. Pre-calibrated, quality assured reagents and standard assay protocols ensure reliable and reproducible data. Kits and reagents to assess mitochondrial function, glycolytic activity, and fatty acid oxidation are available.

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