Cuvette Mode

DS-11+ and DS-11FX+ Cuvette Mode

The cuvette mode of the DS-11+ and DS-11 FX+ add extended linear range and versatility to an already powerful spectrophotometer. These added features provide a full range of UV-Vis absorbance quantitation in a single instrument.

Extended Range

Using the 1 cm cuvette mode enables a lower detection limit 20 times below what is available on the microvolume mode of the DS-11 without the use of fluorescent dyes to gain sensitivity. Measure samples with concentrations as low as 0.1 ng/uL of purified dsDNA or 0.005 mg/mL purified BSA in cuvette mode.


Create simple kinetics methods measuring two absorbance wavelengths over a user-defined measurement frequency and period.  EasyApps® streamlines the process to create and save custom methods and enables cuvette temperature control between 37 and 45°C

Cell Culture OD 600

The high-particulate nature of bacterial cell cultures benefit from a longer measurement pathlength. The particulates in these samples scatter light, and a 10mm pathlength provides a longer cross-section of the sample for the spectrophotometer’s light beam to travel through. This ensures the highest degree of accuracy and reproducibility when measuring these types of samples.