Fluorometer Mode

DS-11+ and DS-11FX+ Fluorometer Mode
Fluorescence Freedom!

The DS-11 FX Series, FX Module and the QFX all provide researchers with ease-of-use and flexibility like no other fluorometer available. Three fluorescent channels allows scientists to utilize an expanded selection of fluorophores.

Assay Independence

Choose the assay you wish to work with, not the one dictated to you by a fluorometer manufacturer. DeNovix EasyApps® are pre-configured with a large selection of commercially available fluorometric assays. Easily create standard curves and quantify dsDNA, RNA and protein using assays designed for Qubit® and QuantusTM platforms. Choices include Qubit®dsDNA BR & HS, QuantiFluor® DNA and RNA, Quant-iT PicoGreen® and many others.

Multiple Channels with the Future in Mind

DeNovix Fluorometers include three sources and a currently unpopulated fourth channel that is reserved for future fluorophores and detection ranges of interest for life science research.