MultiCytâ„¢ Reagents and Screening Assay Kits

MultiCyt Cellular Assays

IntelliCyt offers a suite of reagents and kits that, when used in combination with our high throughput flow instrument technology, provide a screening solution for cell and bead based assays. MultiCyt® cellular assay reagents include those for monitoring cell health and for multiplexing using a cell encoding system. Cell health screens can monitor a variety of endpoints including proliferation, membrane integrity, apoptosis and genotoxicity. The dyes have been selected to provide multiplexed results and use no-wash protocols for robust low-volume 384-well screening.

New “No Wash" MultiCyt Cell Proliferation Dyes

The MultiCyt Cell Proliferation Dye Panel is comprised of two spectrally distinct, proprietary dyes that can be multiplexed together (to monitor two subpopulations within a well) and with other MultiCyt reagents. The proliferation dyes are fluorescent molecules that are cell permeable. Once the dye enters a cell, it binds to intracellular targets. Cell proliferation is detected and quantified based on the halving or “dilution” of the loaded dye after each round of cellular division.

New “No Wash" MultiCyt Cell Membrane Integrity Dyes

The MultiCyt Cell Membrane Integrity Dye panel is comprised of three spectrally distinct, proprietary dyes that can be multiplexed with other MultiCyt reagents. Healthy cells with intact cell membranes will exclude the dyes. Unhealthy cells with compromised membranes will allow entry of the dye into the intracellular space. Intracellular binding is then detected and quantified.

"No Wash" MultiCyt 4-Plex Apoptosis Screening Kit

The MultiCyt Apoptosis Screening Kit is a mix and read screening assay using a unique combination of reagents that allow simultaneous screening of five different apoptosis endpoints per well: cell viability, Caspase 3/7 activity, Annexin V binding, mitochondrial membrane integrity, and cell count. Testing multiple endpoints in each well not only enables you to derive mechanistic information, but also provides confidence that screens will detect changes all along the apoptotic cascade. The spectrally distinct dyes have been validated to work together or individually with IntelliCyt’s iQue Screener.

"No Wash" MultiCyt Cell Cycle Screening Kit

The MultiCyt Cell Cycle Screening Kit is a mix and read solution for performing high throughput screens for modulators of the cell cycle. The kit contains a unique DNA intercalating dye that enables profiling of the G0/G1, S and G2/M phases of the cell cycle without the need for cell fixation, permeabilization, RNase treatment or washing. The MultiCyt Cell Cycle Screening Kit, combined with IntelliCyt’s iQue Screener, provides a complete no-wash assay solution for high throughput screening.

MicroFlow In Vitro-384: Micronucleus Induction Assay Kit

The Micronucleus Induction Assay Kit lets you perform multiplexed screening assays to simultaneously quantify the number of normal nuclei, micronuclei, hypodiploid nuclei and cell survival rate. Combined with the automated analysis capabilities of IntelliCyt's iQue Screener, this high-throughput micronucleus induction assay enables the inclusion of genotoxicity testing earlier in the discovery process, providing more choices for compounds as they are screened and profiled.

FL4 Cell Encoder Kit

The Cell Encoder Kit enables the development of cell-based screening assays where up to four different cell populations can be combined and simultaneously tested in each well. The kit includes IntelliCyt's encoder dye that is detected via a single fluorescence channel. Three concentrations of the dye are included, enabling null, dim, mid, and bright encoding of cell populations.

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MultiCyt QBeads Assay Builder

MultiCyt® QBeads™ PlexScreen is a family of reagents that use immunochemistry to capture specific secreted proteins on distinct bead types. This enables multiplexed quantitation of cytokines, adhesion molecules, enzymes and receptors — at the pace and price ideal for phenotypic screening. MultiCyt QBeads DevScreen are reagents for creating your own bead-based assay using a panel of Streptavidin-coated beads. Current customers, please log in. Future customers can provide contact details in Step 5. A representative will contact you.

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MultiCyt QBeads: The Multiplexed Screening Solution for Secreted Proteins

Proteins secreted by cells are involved in cell signaling and signal transduction. Aberrant production and/or dysfunctional signaling is implicated in virtually all diseases. The detection and quantification of secreted proteins provides key information for researchers in therapeutic areas ranging from cancer and immunology to aging and regeneration.

MultiCyt® QBeads™ PlexScreen is a family of reagents that use immunochemistry to capture specific secreted proteins on distinct bead types. This enables multiplexed quantitation of cytokines, adhesion molecules, enzymes, growth factors and receptors. QBeads have been developed for use exclusively with the IntelliCyt instrument technology. Together they provide an integrated screening solution that is especially applicable to therapeutic areas like immunology, toxicology and oncology.

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Currently available methods to analyze secreted proteins suffer from very limited multiplexing capability, a lack of throughput, a requirement of complex assay protocols, or are expensive for screening applications. QBeads addresses these shortcomings to deliver a better screening solution.

MultiCyt QBeads DevScreen: Multiplexed screens customized for your analytes

MultiCyt® QBeads™ DevScreen SAv (streptavidin-coated) takes advantage of the inherent high affinity between avidin/ streptavidin and biotin. The SAv panel is suitable for multiplexed assays with up to five custom analytes and can be combined with up to thirty other secreted proteins offered in our QBeads PlexScreen panel.

QBeads DevScreen SAv is a panel of beads that allows you to screen for your biotinylated targets, or to easily coat beads with biotinylated capture proteins or substrates. The bead panel has been developed specifically for use on IntelliCyt's screening platforms and is available in 1- to 5-plex and kitted in 1-, 5-, 20- and 50-plate sizes to scale with your screening needs. Our SAv beads can be multiplexed with other members of the QBeads family of reagents so you can easily add your unique targets of interest to a cytokine or other Secreted Protein screen. Like the PlexScreen panel, these beads are also capable of being used in a no-wash protocol. Biotinylated reagents are easily made or acquired, and the option to use FITC or PE for detection makes this product a highly versatile tool that enhances your screening capabilities.

SAv beads are available individually and at a discount when purchased in 2- through 5-plex configurations. Registered North American customers can login and download the complete reagent price list from the Info Center or use the Assay Builder to receive an instant quote on 1- to 10-plate kits. Other customers can also use the Assay Builder to receive a quote by email.

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MultiCyt® QBeads DevScreen Sulfhydryl (SH) Beads

Unlimited Assay Development Potential

QBeads® DevScreen SH beads are functionalized versions of the revolutionary QBeads, offering a very flexible sulfhydryl chemistry that will covalently bind with a wide variety of molecules. Virtually any compound with a free amine can be bound to SH QBeads. The SH panel is suitable for multiplexed assays of up to 30 and can be combined with our QBeads® PlexScreen kits as well as with our QBeads® DevScreen SAv reagents. All QBeads have been developed exclusively for use on theiQue Screener.

  • Start by custom-building your kit with 1-30 plexes on the Assay Builder web page
  • Easily bind nearly any protein sample with a simple 2-step process
  • Benefit from the flexibility of two emission spectra options (533/FITC and 585/PE) for your detection readouts

Application examples include:
  • Quantitate your custom analytes
  • Simultaneously monitor the amount and the activity of a secreted enzyme
  • Perform enzyme activity assays on multiple substrates in one well
  • Screen for inhibitors of PPI and PNI binding
  • Run receptor-ligand binding assays
  • Analyze RNA screens
  • Produce protein arrays

IntelliCyt Screening Kits are formulated using reagent volumes optimized for 384 well plate use. Protocols for 96 well plate use are available. For use in 96 well plates, supplied reagents for 1 x 384 wells are adequate for 2 x 96 wells due to minimum volume requirements of 96 well plates.

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