Automated Cell Counters

Automated Cell Counters from Logos Biosystems

Brightfield Cell Counter
  • LUNA-II™ – Automated Cell Counter

Fluorescence and Analysis Cell Counters
  • LUNA-FL™ – Dual Fluorescence Cell Counter
  • LUNA-STEM™ – Fluorescence Cell Counter for Stem Cells and SVF

Microbial Cell Counters

The affordable automated cell counters make cell counting a simple, accurate, and reproducible step. Logos' counters are compatible with a wide range of cells, from bacterial cells to cancer cell lines.

Rapid and accurate cell counts every time.
  • Count most cells in 10 seconds. Count bacterial cells in one minute.
  • Logos' counters capture and analyze high resolution cell images and use highly sophisticated counting algorithms to count each and every cell.

Eliminate subjectivity and variability from your cell counts.
  • Manual cell counting is prone to a great deal of user-to-user variability and is highly subjective.
  • Logos' cell counters do away with this variability, allowing users to count with the same standards and parameters. Parameters can be preset and adjusted for your cells.

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