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Reproducing Life Through Revolutionary Capabilities

Avatar™ System
Your biological samples are precious and unique. They also require real-life conditions to thrive and generate meaningful results.

The Avatar™ System is the first commercially available cell culture system capable of reproducing the diverse range of in vivo microenvironments found within the human body.

Avatar™ is a revolutionary system for cell-based assays that replicates the in vivo microenvironment to deliver reproducible, biologically relevant results.

Biologically relevant results

By reproducing physiological conditions, the Avatar System cultures cell samples in the most suitable environment to deliver biologically relevant results.

Avatar System regulates O2, CO2, pressure, and temperature to recreate the native in vivo conditions in which the sample was derived. These revolutionary capabilities enable the culturing of difficult to grow patient samples, from stem cells to tumor cells.

Design and Performance

  • Scalable design with a small footprint
  • Low operating costs and energy efficient
  • Simple interface with real-time monitoring
  • Copper based design to reduce contamination risk
  • Next generation primary cell culturing platform


The Avatar system overcomes limitations of traditional cell culture and delivers physiologically relevant results.

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