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It is our pleasure to invite you to our free Seminar on

Why Single Cells?

Essentials for Scientists in Academia and Industry

In the field of cellular biology, single cell anlyses are facing a dramatic increase in impact. Due to the heterogeneity seen in both eukaryotic and prokaryotic cell populations, analyzing a single cell makes it possible to discover mechanisms not seen when studying a bulk population of cells. Technologies for the precise and gentle isolation of selected single cells ​or nuclei from complex samples are established, while high throughput single cell partitioning technologies, enable the simultaneous molecular analysis of hundreds or thousands of single cells from a suspension. This is particularly useful for the analysis of phenotypic and genotypic​ variation allowing the definition of otherwise undetectable cell subtypes, ​such as residual cancer cells after a treatment. Spatial biology takes single cell analysis to the third dimension, by allowing the characterization of an individual transcriptome while preserving the neighborhood of cells. 


  • Bern, 17. May 2022 *

The Seminar will start at 9:00am.
*) The exact place of the event will be mentioned in our confirmation

Seminar Topics

  • Spatial Biology
  • Single-cell DNA seq
  • Nuclei Isolation
  • Acoustic Separation
  • Functional Proteomics
  • Image-based Isolation
  • Gentle Cell Sorting
  • Intracellular Imaging of Single Molecules
  • Cytokines

How can you benefit from your participation?

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We happily invite you to join our seminar about new technologies for single cell isolation and analysis, which are facilitating your ability to analyze the genome, transcriptome, and proteome of individual cells. Our cutting-edge portfolio is ​extensively covering this arena of life science research. The seminar will elucidate the needed technical background and provide examples of successful implementation.

Seminar Talks & Guest Presentations

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  • Isospark – A Fully Automated Platform for High-Plex Single-Cell Functional Profiling
    Sara Bragado Alonso, PhD, Field Application Scientist, Isoplexis, Germany
  • From Tissue to Cells or Nuclei – Reproducible and Clean Sample Preparation for Single Cell Experiments and Omics
    Lilly von Münchow, PhD, Senior Application Scientist, Bucher Biotec AG
    Gábor Gondi, PhD, Product Line Manager, Bucher Biotec AG
  • Exploring the Spatial Dimension with MERSCOPE: Highly Sensitive and Accurate in situ Single-cell Spatial Genomics
    George Emanuel, PhD, Founding Member, Vizgen
  • Diving into the Nanoscale Organization of Cells
    Lara Lappara Cuervo, PhD, Field Applications Scientist Europe, ONI
  • Keynote Lecture:
    Spatial Biology in the Intestinal Epithelium
    Prof. Andreas Moor, Lab for Systems Physiology, ETH Zürich D-BSSE
  • Unleashing the Power of Single-Cell Multi-Modal Analysis to Advance Precision Medicine
    Lilly von Münchow, PhD, Senior Application Scientist, Bucher Biotec AG
  • WOLF Cell Sorters Enable Single Cell Workflows on your Benchtop
    Paul Di Gregorio, VP Commercial, NanoCellect
  • The CellRaft AIR – A Novel System Enabling Organoid Imaging, Identification, and Isolation
    Jessica Hartmann, PhD, Senior Director of Product Applications, Cell Microsystems

Who should attend

We would like to invite everyone interested in new aspects of single cell research. You will enjoy a unique opportunity to interact with your colleagues, the speakers and with fellow researchers from academic and industrial institutions.

Bucher Biotec AG is proud to represent some of the most advanced manufacturers of highly innovative life science research instrumentation.

Learn how you can implement and harness exciting new research tools in order to advance your understanding of single cells and the impact of cellular heterogeneity.

Coffee breaks and lunch will allow you to interact with colleagues, the speakers and with fellow researchers from academic and industrial institutions.

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About the Seminar

Join our ​free seminar and learn about new tools to isolate single cells (and nuclei) from tissues or the acoustic-based alternative to centrifugation for cell isolation and purification. See how to gently sort delicate cells by flow or how to isolate ​clonally expanded cells based on imaging.

Further we are going to talk about the impact of genetic signatures identified by DNA sequencing of single cells or their functional proteome and we expose you to the MerFISH technology. A day full of valuable information on latest developments towards the power of single cells, making your trip to Bern a pleasure.


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