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IntelliCyt, a Sartorius Brand

Optimized Application Specific Reagent Kits

Robust mix and read kits for cell- and bead-based screening applications.

MultiCyt® kits include optimized reagents that have been validated on iQue® Screener PLUS platforms.

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MultiCyt Reagent Kits

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These kits are grouped into two categories:

  • MultiCyt Cell-Based Kits
  • QBeads Kits

Most reagents have been developed to work with no-wash protocols and are packaged to suit a wide range of throughput needs. These kits, in conjunction with an iQue Screener  and ForeCyt® Software, provide an integrated screening solution enabling high content, high throughput screening of cells and beads for deeper insight into complex biologies.

MultiCyt Cell-Based Kits

MultiCyt Cell-Based Kits enable the analysis of multiple cell health and cell function endpoints, such as viability, proliferation, apoptosis and more. Most of these kits are optimized for no-wash protocols and can be multiplexed with other MultiCyt kits. Each of these are available in different sizes to meet your screening needs. The ForeCyt software has automated templates for most of these kits making it easy to acquire and analyze data. All have been optimized for use on the iQue Screener platforms.

  • MultiCyt Cell Cycle Kit
  • MultiCyt 4-Plex Apoptosis Kit
  • MultiCyt Apoptosis Kits (Mix & Match)
  • MultiCyt Cell Membrane Integrity Kits
  • MultiCyt Cell Encoder Kits
  • MultiCyt Cell Proliferation Kits
  • Intellicyt® Antibody Internalization Reagent
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Cell and Bead-Based assay Kits

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Intellicyt’s validated multiplexed Cell and Bead-Based assay Kits allow you to get actionable data from less sample, all in a fraction of the time of conventional assays. These unique competition assay kits are no-wash, no-dilution to provide a streamlined workflow with minimal hands-on preparation.

  • Cy-Clone™ PLUS
  • Mouse IgG Type and Titer Assay
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​​​​​​​Immune Cell-Based Kits

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The T Cell Activation Cell and Cytokine Profiling Kit assesses the activation status of T cells while providing information about their health and their role in cytokine secretion. This one wash assay requires minimal hands on time and measures both cells and beads to provide biological insights.

  • T Cell Activation Cell and Cytokine Profiling Kit
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QSol™ Buffer

QSol™ Buffer is designed to enable the high-throughput analysis of challenging samples, such as those with a large number of primary cells, sticky cells, or highly concentrated samples leading to greater flexibility in assay design, improved time to results, and novel insights.

  • QSol™ Buffer
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QBeads Kits

QBeads® is a family of reagents that enables capture of specific proteins on distinct bead types enabling multiplexed quantitation of cytokines, adhesion molecules, enzymes, growth factors receptors and more.

These kits have been developed and optimized for use on the iQue Screener platform to provide an integrated solution with unique benefits of fast time to results, microvolume-assays, high content, and lower cost. QBeads kits are available in different sizes to suit your research needs.

QBeads are available in two families:

QBeads PlexScreen: These are complete, custom-built ready-to-run kits that contain everything you need to run your assay. Each kit contains capture beads, detection reagent, standard proteins, buffers, and a template for analysis. We offer PlexScreen kits for human, mouse and rat secreted proteins.

  • QBeads PlexScreen: Human Secreted Proteins
  • QBeads PlexScreen: Mouse Secreted Proteins
  • QBeads PlexScreen: Rat Secreted Proteins

QBeads DevScreen: These are capture beads that are built to help researchers analyze their unique or proprietary proteins of interest. There are two categories of DevScreen beads, with distinct surface chemistries.

  • QBeads DevScreen: SAv (Streptavidin)
  • QBeads DevScreen: SH (Sulfhydryl)
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Design your assay with QBeads Assay Builder

Create your own multiplex bead-based assays for detection with iQue systems! Intellicyt offers 2 types of Qbeads kits: QBeads® PlexScreen is a family of reagents that use immunochemistry to capture specific secreted proteins on distinct bead types. This enables multiplexed quantitation of cytokines, adhesion molecules, enzymes and receptors. QBeads DevScreen are reagents for creating your own bead-based assay using a panel of Streptavidin or Sulfhydryl coated beads. These can be multiplexed with other Intellicyt kits including QBeads PlexScreen kits for richer content.

Utilize the easy-to-use QBeads Assay Builder tool below to design your own specific multiplex assay.

QBeads Assay Bilder

The Intellicyt® iQue Screener PLUS Platform

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The Intellicyt iQue Screener PLUS platform is an integrated instrument, software, and reagent system that enables simultaneous evaluation of cells and proteins using less sample while providing actionable multi-parametric data in record time.

Speed to actionable results from every well

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Sofie Pattijn, CTO ImmunXperts

"In short, the iQue offers flow cytometry capabilities at real high throughput, making it the perfect instrument for cell and bead based screenings."



IntelliCyt, a Sartorius Brand

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Analytical method for measuring basal state mitochondrial fuel oxidation in live cells

For in vitro studies of long chain fatty acid oxidation by intact cells.

Permeabilizes intact cells in culture, selectively targeting the cellular plasma membrane.

Seahorse XF Real-Time ATP Rate Assay

iQue Screener PLUS Consumables and Supplies

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