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Enabling Exosome Discovery

ExoView™ R100 Imaging Platform

Complete Characterization of Exosomes and Extracellular Vesicles (EVs)

A step forward in characterization capabilities within the extracellular vesicles (EV) field. The fully automated platform provides multi-level and comprehensive EV measurements for particle size analysis, EV count, EV phenotype, and biomarker colocalization. The ExoView™ platform  provides previously unattainable information in a single and bias free sample workflow.

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Complete Exosome Characterization

ExoView™ works without the need for sample purification, and brings the researcher one step closer to analyzing a sample in its natural state.  ExoView™ R100 is an affinity based technology that allows specific populations of EVs to bind in a multiplexed manner to a functional ExoView™ chip. The fully automated instrument can measure 9 samples automatically, direct from sample, saving cost, time, and reducing purification biases.

Winner of the SLAS 2019 New Product Award!

Multiparametric Characterization of Extracellular Vesicles

Perform single-vesicle analysis directly from sample, exosome purification not required. Simultaneously count, size, and measure protein expression. Use interferometry and fluorescence to fully characterize exosomes with ExoView®.

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ExoView® detects up to 3 fluorescent antibodies on a single EV.


Characterize EV subpopulations based on protein expression levels

In ExoView®’s single-vesicle assay, EVs are captured without purification by up to 6 different capture antibodies on the ExoView® chip. Once bound to the chip, each EV can be probed for protein expression and colocalization using fluorescent antibodies. ExoView®’s single-binding-event sensitivity enables detection of low-abundance proteins on the smallest EVs.

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Simultaneous multidimensional analysis of EVs.

Biomarker Colocalization

Characterize EV subpopulations based on unique protein signatures
ExoView® enables detection of up to 4 markers on a single EV. To assess protein expression profile, both surface and luminal markers can be measured, while the EVs are simultaneously counted and sized.

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Specific cargo detection of Syntenin inside EVs with permeabilization.

EV Cargo

Characterize EV subpopulations based on the cargo they carry
MISEV suggests measuring both surface and luminal proteins when characterizing EVs. EVs on the ExoView® chip can be permeabilized and probed for luminal proteins and cargo. Fluorescent antibodies enable quantification of 3 surface and/or luminal proteins on a single EV. Luminal proteins, such as Syntenin and ALIX, can be detected.

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Direct-from-sample and purified sample analyses.

Purification Not Required

Characterize EV subpopulations inherent to your sample
Without any purification, ExoView® measures only specific EVs that exhibit target surface antigens. Using as little as 35 uL of diluted sample, the platform provides phenotype, size, and count directly from biological fluids. Contaminants do not bind to capture antibodies and are thus absent from the assay.

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Distinct EV subpopulation defined by size and protein marker expression.

EV Size

Characterize EV subpopulations based on size
ExoView® can image EVs as small as 50 nm in diameter with excellent peak-to-peak resolution in heterogeneous samples. Unlike techniques that rely on light scatter, ExoView® measures size using a proprietary interferometry-based technology, SP-IRIS, which enhances ExoView®’s sensitivity to small particles.

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Dilution curve of TSPAN8-positive EVs.

EV Count

Quantify EV subpopulations
With capture antibodies, ExoView® quantifies EV subpopulations defined by surface markers. The platform counts EVs specifically, directly in the unprocessed sample and excludes any contaminants, enabling EV quantification without purification. Linear range spans 3 orders of magnitude.

Measure up to 4 markers on single EVs

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The ExoView™ platform provides the ability to measure up to 4 markers on single EVs. The multiplexed array allows up to 6 markers to be probed in parallel through binding of the EVs to an ExoView™ chip. The addition of fluorescent antibodies provides the ability to probe for an additional 3 markers with single fluorescent antibody sensitivity. 

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The image shows the binding of single EVs to a CD9 antibody spot, interferometric imaging measurements are shown to the left and 3 color fluorescence on the right. A heat map of marker expression  on single EVs can be generated (external or luminal proteins), while simultaneously measuring their size and count.

ExoView™ Tetraspanin Kits

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ExoView™ Tetraspanin Kits contain single use microarray chips for use with the ExoView™  R100 imaging platform.  Each kit contains 16 chips for ultrasensitive and specific capture, and characterization of extracellular vesicle populations.  35μL of unpurified plasma or conditioned media is added directly to the ExoView™ chip, removing the biases associated with sample purification.  EVs expressing specific surface markers will bind to specific antibody spots printed directly onto the microarray chip where they can be characterized further.

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Bucher Biotec Webinar on

Exosomes – Carriers of future Diagnostics and Therapeutics

Multi-level visual Characterization of Exosomes and other Extracellular Vesicles

Extracellular vesicles (EVs), such as exosomes, are nano-sized particles secreted by all cell types. Because of their ability to transfer a wide variety of biological cargo from donor to recipient cells, EVs have the potential to exert potent effects on target cells or serve as potential biomarkers in disease detection.

In this joint-webinar with NanoView Biosciences and ONI you will learn about the importance of precise and detailed visual characterization of single EVs and exosomes using state-of-the-art, cutting-edge technology.

Alex Shephard, Ph.D.
Senior Application Scientist at NanoView Biosciences

Ricardo Nunes Bastos, Ph.D.
Director Business Development at ONI

  • 7. December 2021, 10:30 AM



NanoView Biosciences Inc.

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