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Seminars & Roadshows

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Thank You!

Thank you all of you for attending our very succesful seminars in Bern recently. It was our pleasure to meet you as well as discuss your current research activities! Feel free to contact us if you have any follow up questions or feedback to share. 

  • Seminar Day and User Meeting Enabling Metabolism
    Agilent Seahorse XF Technology
    Bern, 22. September 2021
  • Seminar on Drug Discovery Research
    Essentials for Scientists in Academia and Industry
    Bern, 29. September 2021

Stay tuned for our next Seminar!


Bucher Biotec Webinar on

Exosomes – Carriers of future Diagnostics and Therapeutics

Multi-level visual Characterization of Exosomes and other Extracellular Vesicles

Extracellular vesicles (EVs), such as exosomes, are nano-sized particles secreted by all cell types. Because of their ability to transfer a wide variety of biological cargo from donor to recipient cells, EVs have the potential to exert potent effects on target cells or serve as potential biomarkers in disease detection.

In this joint-webinar with NanoView Biosciences and ONI you will learn about the importance of precise and detailed visual characterization of single EVs and exosomes using state-of-the-art, cutting-edge technology.

At the end of the webinar you can win a free analysis of your EV sample!

Simply register by sending us an email seminar@bucher.ch or by clicking the link below.

Alex Shephard, Ph.D.
Senior Application Scientist at NanoView Biosciences

Siobhan King, Ph.D.
FAS Manager (EMEA) at ONI

  • 7. December 2021, 10:30 AM
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Agilent Cell Analysis e-Seminar Series

Utilization of side effects upon OXPHOS blockade to the advantage of improved treatment efficacy in acute leukemia

In this webinar, Dr. Natalia Baran will present therapeutic strategies that can synergize with OXPHOS inhibition in leukemia and how those strategies impact mitochondria dynamic and morphology in vitro and in vivo.

Tune in to learn more about:

  • T-cell leukemia, utilization of fuels and management of metabolism under starvation conditions
  • Blockade of OxPhos and its impact on mitochondria dynamic and morphology
  • Therapeutic strategies to improve disease eradication
  • Methods to measure the efficacy of the proposed treatment in vivo

Dr. Natalia Baran MD, PhD
Research Faculty Instructor
Department of Leukemia
Section of Molecular Hematology and Therapy
The University of Texas, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

  • 16. December 2021, 5:00 PM
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Upcoming Meetings & Exhibitions

LS2 Annual Meeting

Stop by at our Booth 31, it will be our pleasure to discuss your specific research requirements!

It is our pleasure to invite you to the LS2 Annual Meeting 2022 on the topic “Life Sciences in the 2020s: quantitation, integration and prediction", held on February 17 and 18, 2022, together with the Young Scientists' Satellite on February 16, 2022 in Zurich, at campus Irchel of the University of Zurich.

The LS2 Annual Meeting brings together scientists from all nations and backgrounds to explore the large spectrum united under the umbrella of Life Sciences.

  • Campus Irchel Zürich, 17. February 2022 – 18. February 2022
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Thank you for visiting us at these recent Meetings

Festival of Biologics 2021

Biologic drug discovery, development, manufacturing, pricing & market access.

The Festival of Biologics brings together pharma & biotech, academics and research institutes, together with their partners across the value chain.

Across antibodies, immunotherapy and biosimilars our participants share research, create new partnerships, and tackle the clinical trials, manufacturing and commercial challenges involved in bringing new therapies to market.

Visit us at our Booths 63 and 64

  • Congress Center Basel, 9. November 2021 – 11. November 2021
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ILMAC Basel 2021

ILMAC is Switzerland’s leading trade fair for experts from more than 20 different branches of industry. Roughly half the visitors to ILMAC come from the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. In addition, mechanical, plant and apparatus engineering professionals, and also laboratory and biotechnology experts similarly use ILMAC as a contact platform.

Stop by at our Booth B163

  • Messe Basel, 19. October 2021 – 21. October 2021
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Swiss Physiology Meeting 2021

Plenary speakers of the meeting will be:

  • Prof. Ralf Brandes (Vascular Research Centre. Frankfurt am Mainz, DE)
  • Prof. Miriam Stoeber (University of Geneva, CH)

Another highlight is the awarding of the Young Investigator Award by the "Stiftung Physiology" (former Oetliker Foundation) to the best posters & best talks!

The conference is planned as an on-site meeting, with all necessary measures to ensure a safe meeting.

  • Hochschule für Technik und Architektur Fribourg, HES-SO, 6. September 2021
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Single Molecule Localization Microscopy Symposium 2021

Please stop by at our booth and we will be happy to discuss your specific research needs.

  • Rolex Learning Center, EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland, 31. August 2021 – 2. September 2021
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Genomics Live 2020

Genomics Live is Europe’s leading conference designed to deliver diagnostics and digital technologies into the clinic.

  • Congress Center Basel, 10. November 2020 – 12. November 2020
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ILMAC Lausanne 2020

Since 1959, ILMAC has been the sole Swiss industry fair for chemicals and life sciences that depicts all the industrial applications in process and laboratory technology. As a user-oriented trade fair, ILMAC is geared to experts in pharmaceuticals, chemicals, biotechnology, food, drinks, cosmetics and others.

  • Expo Beaulieu Lausanne, 7. October 2020 – 8. October 2020
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LS2 Annual Meeting

It is our pleasure to invite you to the FEBS3+ LS2 Annual Meeting 2020 with the topic "Cells, Molecules & Organisms", held on February 13-14, 2020 at the Irchel Campus of the University of Zurich. The LS2 Annual Meeting brings together scientists from all nations and backgrounds to explore the large spectrum united under the umbrella of Life Sciences. 

  • Campus Irchel Zürich, 13. February 2020 – 14. February 2020
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2nd Swiss Cytometry Meeting 2020

This conference will strengthen and consolidate the ties among the cytometry community across Switzerland as we see this conference as the perfect opportunity to discuss ideas and science, interact and socialize.

Visit us at our booth! We will be happy to discuss your specific applications!

  • SwissTech Convention Center – EPFL – Lausanne, 5. February 2020 – 7. February 2020
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Festival of Biologics 2019

The Festival of Biologics combines four, outstanding conferences, the European Antibody Congress, the World Immunotherapy Congress, the World Biosimilar Congress and the Clinical Trials World Congress under one roof. 

  • Congress Center Basel, 15. October 2019 – 17. October 2019
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BASEL LIFE: Showcasing Europe’s Excellence in Life Sciences

MipTec 2019

BASEL LIFE is Europe’s leading congress in the Life Sciences, showcasing cutting-edge science and technology. It brings together preeminent researchers in the field, and offers talented young scientists the possibility to present themselves. Basel is the heart of European’s Life Sciences landscape.

  • Congress Center Basel, 9. September 2019 – 12. September 2019
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