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Vizgen Inc.

Vizgen Wins 2022 BioTech Breakthrough Award!

Vizgen Wins “Overall BioTech Company of the Year” in 2022 BioTech Breakthrough Awards Program

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., November 3, 2022 – Vizgen, the life science company dedicated to improving human health by visualizing single-cell spatial genomics information, today announced it has been named “Overall BioTech Company of the Year” in the second annual BioTech Breakthrough Awards program conducted by BioTech Breakthrough, a leading independent market intelligence organization that evaluates and recognizes standout life sciences and biotechnology companies, products and services around the globe.

Bucher Biotec is very proud to exclusive represent Vizgen in the Swiss market. Contact us in order to explore new dimensions with MERSCOPE™, the first high multiplexing, high resolution in situ platform to combine single-cell and spatial genomics analysis powered by MERFISH technology.

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NanoView Biosciences

Unchained Labs revs up its gene therapy engine, acquires NanoView Biosciences!

Unchained Labs, the life sciences company that’s all about getting biologics and gene therapy researchers the right tools for the job, acquired NanoView Biosciences. NanoView’s ExoView technology sits in pole position for characterizing exosomes and their recently launched LentiView platform is a game-changer for gene therapy researchers working with lentivirus.

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Bucher Biotec AG

New Representation: Vizgen, Inc.

MERSCOPE™ – A Complete Spatial Genomics Solution

Bucher Biotec is very proud to announce the exclusive distribution agreement with Vizgen for the Swiss market. Explore new dimensions with MERSCOPE™, the first high multiplexing, high resolution in situ platform to combine single-cell and spatial genomics analysis powered by MERFISH technology.

Vizgen is dedicated to pioneering the next generation of genomics, providing tools that demonstrate the possibilities of in situ single cell spatial genomics, setting the standard for the spatial genomics field. These tools are enabling researchers to gain new insight into the biological systems that govern human health and disease with spatial context.

Learn how Vizgen can accelerate your research
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Bucher Biotec AG

IsoPlexis’ IsoSpark Receives 2021 Red Dot Award for Product Design and Innovation

We are excited to announce that the IsoSpark has received the Red Dot Award for Highest Design Quality and Innovative Product! The Red Dot Awards recognize outstanding innovation in design from more than 18,000 entries annually.

The IsoSpark is a critical tool that provides new and accessible layers of biological data at the single-cell level, and the ability to interrogate the secreted proteome, the phosphoproteome, and the metabolome from single cells for the first time. The compact system allows for advanced cellular analysis in a benchtop instrument of just 18 inches in footprint. 

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Bucher Biotec AG

Essential Tools for Life Science R & D

Check out this concise, comprehensive and stimulating Pocket Guide, a SPECTRUM of essential tools which may facilitate your research projects, saving time and money.

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Mission Bio Tapestri® Update

Mission Bio's New Single-Cell Research Platform Marries Sequencing, Cell Surface Protein Analysis

With the launch this week of its new Tapestri platform, single-cell omics firm Mission Bio is looking to make further inroads into the clinical trial and drug development businesses.

The new system adds protein measurements to the company's traditional focus on single-cell DNA sequencing, allowing researchers to make DNA and protein measurements in a single experiment and in single cells.

The system uses BioLegend's TotalSeq antibodies, which are conjugated to oligonucleotides, allowing them to be read out via single-cell sequencing. The current version of the Tapestri platform is intended for analysis of cell surface proteins, which enables researchers to identify cell type and subtype, generating data analogous to that provided by flow cytometry.

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Logos Biosystems

LUNA™ Family Awarded Platinum Seal of Quality

The LUNA™ family of automated cell counters from Logos Biosystems, part of Aligned Genetics, Inc., has been awarded a Platinum Seal of Quality in recognition of outstanding feedback received from scientists globally.
Seals of Quality recognize the top 0.1% of products that consistently receive the highest customer review ratings on leading laboratory technology website, SelectScience®, and are designed to help scientists worldwide see at a glance the instruments and services their peers love the most.
Among the latest winners is the LUNA™ Family of Automated Cell Counters, by Logos Biosystems, which has now received well over 200 reviews from scientists around the world at an outstanding average overall rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars.
There are four levels of Seal of Quality — Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze — and the LUNA™ series becomes one of just 6 winners of the Platinum Seal of Quality since the awards were launched in 2017.
SelectScience Editor-in-Chief and Publisher, Kerry Parker, said: “I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our reviewers around the world for sharing their valuable opinions and also to congratulate Logos Biosystems, who have been recognized by the people who matter most, their customers.”

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Applied Cells, Inc.

Pleased to Announce Winning the Annual CYTO 2020 Technology Innovation Showcase

We are pleased to announce that Applied Cells has won the CYTO 2020 Technology Innovation Award at Virtual CYTO, 2020. ISAC, the International Society for the Advancement of Cytometry, held its annual CYTO meeting August 4-5, 2020.

Please also check the CYTO 2020 reference page at www.appliedcells.com/CYTO.

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New Representation ONI

Nanoimager – The world's first desktop super-resolution microscope

The Nanoimager is capable of observing individual molecules within living cells by offering various modes of operation including dSTORM, PALM, SIM, smFRET and supports illumination modes from epifluorescence to TIRF.

Meet the Nanoimager!
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NanoCellect® Biomedical, Inc.

Cell Sorting Made for Every Lab

Introducing the WOLF® Cell Sorter enabling sterile, bench-top flow cytometry for cell sorting, cell enrichment, and plate dispensing. The microfluidic cell sorter is ideal for genomic sample prep, single-cell genomics, cell line development, and gene editing/CRISPR.

Easy-to-use, gentle cell sorting is now at your fingertips.

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Press Releases

Mission Bio Tapestri Product Update

Industry-First Single-cell Multi-omics Capabilities to Simultaneously Detect DNA and Protein from the Same Cell

6. November 2019: Mission Bio, Inc., the pioneer in high-throughput single-cell DNA analysis and precision genomics, today announced its expansion into single-cell multi-omics. The company’s proprietary technology, the Tapestri Platform, is now the first-ever single-cell multi-omic platform capable of detecting DNA and protein changes simultaneously from the same cell — a capability necessary for the development of impactful precision therapies. The company has partnered with BioLegend, a global leader in protein antibody and reagent‎ manufacturing, to co-develop the first commercial solution for combined DNA and protein analysis at the single-cell level.

New Representation – Mission Bio

Targeted Single-Cell Solutions for High Impact Applications

12. August 2019: We are proud to announce the appointment with Mission Bio as the Swiss Distributor for its products. Mission Bio delivers targeted solutions for high impact applications with the Tapestri Platform. The Tapestri Platform is the industry’s first and only single-cell DNA sequencing platform, enabling precise detection of heterogeneity in disease progression and treatment response. Application areas include blood cancers, solid tumors, and genome editing validation.

New Representation – ONI

ONI Nanoimager – The complete package in super-resolution microscopy

3. August 2019: We are proud to announce the agreement with ONI as the Swiss Distributor for its Nanoimager desktop super resolution microscopes. ONI's goal is to bring the most advanced fluorescence microscopy methods to a whole new community of researchers, for whom such experiments may previously have been inaccessible. In this way, we can realize the full potential of single-molecule fluorescence for understanding cells and combating disease at the molecular level.

Product Update

NanoCellect Validates Genomic Sample Preparation Solutions Compatible with 10x Genomics

25. July 2019: NanoCellect Biomedical, Inc., a leader in the development and manufacturing of modern and simple solutions for cell based assays, today announced that is has been added to the 10x Genomics' Compatible Product Partner Program. As part of this program, NanoCellect will help propel scientific studies forward more rapidly and efficiently by giving researchers the ability to easily input their desired cells with higher viability and integrity, improving the workflow and research results obtained with 10x Genomics' technology.

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New Representation

NanoCellect Biomedical Inc.

24. April 2019: It is our pleasure to announce the agreement with NanoCellect Biomedical Inc., as their exclusive distributor in Switzerland. NanoCellect is a leader in the development and manufacture of microfluidic cell sorting solutions for cell-based assays. Its product portfolio includes the WOLF® Cell Sorter, N1 Single-Cell Dispenser, as well as consumables and software.

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ACEA Biosciences Inc. now part of Agilent Technologies

New High Performance 4-Laser Benchtop Flow Cytometer

3. June 2018: Continuing its track record as an innovator in flow cytometry, ACEA Biosciences released the most advanced benchtop flow cytometer on the market. The NovoCyte Quanteon™ flow cytometer builds upon its widely successful predecessor, the NovoCyte, to provide an expanded set of capabilities that easily accommodates the large, multi-color panels found in today’s highly progressive flow cytometry laboratories. Scientists now have the flexibility to choose from 25 fluorescent channels utilizing four lasers (405, 488, 561, and 637nm) with 25 independent silicon photomultiplier (SiPM) detectors.

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Bucher Biotec Update: Latest Issues