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Seahorse XF Mito Fuel Flex Test Kit

The Seahorse XF Mito Fuel Flex Test Kit provides an analytical method for measuring basal state mitochondrial fuel oxidation in live cells. This assay kit utilizes a set of inhibitors to reveal the cells' ability to switch oxidative pathways in meeting basal energetic demands and provides information regarding the relative contributions of glucose, glutamine and long chain fatty acid oxidation to basal respiration.

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  • The assay uses specific inhibitors in different combinations to measure the dependency, capacity, and flexibility of cells to oxidize 3 major mitochondrial fuels: glucose (pyruvate), glutamine (glutamate), and Long-chain fatty acids, in basal energetic state.
    • Dependency indicates the relative amount of basal mitochondrial oxidation from a single fuel that cannot be compensated through oxidation of the other two fuels.
    • Capacity is the relative ability of a cell to oxidize a specific fuel in the basal state when oxidation of the other two fuels are blocked.
    • Flexibility is the difference between Capacity and Dependency. It indicates the relative ability of a cell in the basal state to switch or compensate mitochondrial oxidation from one fuel to another.
  • Compounds are reconstituted directly in assay medium – eliminating the need for DMSO or other solvents.
  • Kits are rigorously tested and validated for every lot with cells to deliver consistent and robust results – eliminating the cost associated with failed experiments.
  • Data analysis tool, the Seahorse XF Mito Fuel Flex Test Report Generator, is provided to simplify data processing and transform raw data into organized, shareable summary reports.
  • Download Seahorse XF Mito Fuel Flex Test Report Generator
  • Learn more about Mitochondrial Fuel Flexibility

How it works

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Investigate metabolic substrate/fuel oxidation

LCFAs (long chain fatty acids), pyruvate and glutamine are the 3 major substrate/fuels that power the mitochondrial respiration.  Abundant literature shows that substrate/fuel preference or switching could play a key role in many important biological processes in many research areas.  Therefore, investigating metabolic substrate dependency, flexibility and liability can provide critical insights into these biological events.
This kit can be used in two ways or workflows.

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Download the Agilent Seahorse XF Assay Kits & Reagents Overview
Download the new Media Selection Guide
Download the Seahorse Plastics Brochure
Download the Seahorse XF Instrument Selection Guide


Agilent Technologies, Inc.

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