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Ionic® – The Next-Gen Sample Prep System

The revolutionary Ionic® Purification System requires no binding, no stripping, and no washing from fixed surfaces for much higher yields and higher quality nucleic acid.

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A Superior Automated Approach to DNA and RNA Extraction

The Ionic Purification System is so different, its advantages are most readily understood in contrast with conventional DNA and RNA extraction and purification methods.

  • No organic solvents
  • No beads or repetitive washing
  • No harsh, high-salt buffers
  • No hands-on mixing, separation, sample transfers, or buffer exchanges
  • No system programming
  • No pumps, valves, or other moving parts

Ionic Purification System

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The Ionic Purification System uses Isotachophoresis (ITP)
to extract, purify, and concentrate genomic DNA and RNA
from cells and FFPE. DNA and RNA samples prepared
by the system are pure, abundant, and ready in just 60 minutes.

Learn more about isotachophoresis
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Want Higher Amplifiable Yields?

Extract Up to 50% More Nucleic Acid from Cells and FFPE

qPCR results from the amplification of a 280bp amplicon in DNA purified from cell populations ranging from 1,120 to 56,000 cells demonstrate that purification on the Ionic system results in values that are ~3 Ct lower than those from a column-based method. For populations with fewer cells, some eluates from the column-based competitor do not contain detectable amounts of DNA.

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Achieve Yields of 3.5x or More from FFPE Samples

Results for 32 FFPE block samples* purified from scrolls for Purigen (no paraffin removal) vs. slides (excess paraffin removed) for a column-based approach. Yields for Purigen samples demonstrate improved amplifiable yields of on average 3.5x versus column-based approach.

Purigen SCROLLS vs. Column-based Kit SLIDES

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Want Higher Quality Results?

More Uniform Coverage

NGS results of DNA purified from FFPE samples analyzed using the Agilent SureMASTR Tumor Hotspot sequencing panel with 252 amplicons ranging from 128 bps to 245 bps show that samples purified on the Purigen Ionic system have tighter clustering when compared to samples prepared using a column-based method – indicative of more uniform sequence coverage.

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No Bias Toward Length or GC Content of Amplicons

Taking a closer look at the results from above shows that DNA from FFPE samples purified on the Ionic system is less biased toward GC content and fragment length than from FFPE samples purified using a column-based method.

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*Data for the graphs above is normalized by a reference sample to remove the effect of coverage differences introduced by the amplification efficiency of the target amplicon. Data from the reference sample incorporates purification results from the Purigen system and a column-based method to avoid biasing the reference sample toward either technology.


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Purigen Isotachophoresis for Pure DNA and RNA Extraction

A Superior Approach to Nucleic Acid Purification

Isotachophoresis separates and concentrates charged molecules in solution solely based on their electrophoretic mobility. Biological samples are gently lysed and added to the Bionano Ionic® Fluidic Chip. An electric field is then applied to the chip and the nucleic acid is isolated in its natural, native form. The nucleic acid is not denatured or dehydrated, and there is no binding to, or stripping from, fixed surfaces. The result is a higher yield of pure nucleic acid that is less fragmented and free from bead or wash buffer contamination.

Learn more about Isotachophoresis


Bionano Genomics, Inc.

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