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Xcell Biosciences Inc.

AVATAR Cell Control System

The AVATAR™ Cell Control System lets you generate your cells of interest in a microenvironment array and optimize to a growth rate, functional activity or phenotypic change of interest. You’ll also be able to transfect cells with better efficiency, expand them faster and derive just the cells you need, exactly when you need them.

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  • Increase transfection efficiency up to 5X with high cell viability — even with difficult to transfect cells
  • Expand challenging cell types easily and reproducibly for a broad range of primary cells — and cut reagent costs in the process
  • Target the cell population you want — tune your cell’s microenvironment to control differentiation or maintain current state reliably and precisely
  • Work with immune cells, stem cells, tumor cells, organoids and even rare, precious cells you’ve never been able to expand before. 

Fine-tune culture settings to meet your cell’s needs

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Why AVATAR is different than anything else out there

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Oxygen and pressure have distinct physiological effects and both play important but independent roles in the cellular microenvironment. Under hypoxic and pressurized culturing conditions, changes are seen in cell morphology, gene and protein expression. Modulation of atmospheric pressure affects the mechanobiology of cell function during culture, and has profound effects on cell homeostasis and metabolism.

The human body is made up of diverse microenvironments that influence the behavior and molecular profiles of cells. Tissues are hypoxic and pressurized. They function at a much lower oxygen level than the basic air environment in typical incubator, and interstitial fluid pressures vary depending on the tissue and organ type.

Modulation of pressure and oxygen during culture has profound effects on cell homeostasis

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Only AVATAR lets you regulate and alter both the atmospheric pressure and oxygen concentration to what’s optimal for your cell type and research. Promote:

  • Cardiomyocyte and neuronal development
  • Long-term propagation of primary tumor cells
  • Novel target discovery and drug screening
  • Efficient transfection and expansion of primary cells

AVATAR workflow

Cell preconditioning: Primary cells undergo a ‘preconditioning’ and expansion step prior to transfection using a specific AVATAR setting for the cell type. This moves cells into a growth phase over a 48 to 72-hour period followed by a transfection or reprogramming step.
Cell recovery: After transfection, cells are cultured using another AVATAR setting for approximately 24 hours to improve cell viability and transfection efficiency.
Cell expansion: Another AVATAR setting is used for rapid expansion and to enrich for transfected cells.

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Total cell solution

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Cell viability and growth is as dependent on media formulated to meet your cells’needs as it is on the right microenvironment. That’s why we crafted our own medias tailored for maximal cell health and rapid expansion, while still maintaining cell state and composition.

Avatar’s proprietary media kits are optimized for specific cell types and include tumor/tissue dissociation buffers and xeno-free, chemically defined media optimized for rapid expansion of primary cells.

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