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Powerful Biology  Accelerating the  Future of Medicine

The future of advanced medicines relies upon deeper access to in vivo biology to create durable, curative impacts on disease. The systems, which drive convergence of dynamic proteomics and single cell biology for the first time, are creating this deeper connection to accelerate curative medicines.

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IsoSpark Features

Accelerate immune medicine across research areas & high-impact applications. All in one, beautifully designed and intuitive system that fits on any lab bench.

Across all applications, discover immune profiling insights unattainable with any other system.

  • Accelerated: Same-day data
  • Powerful: Multiple unique applications
  • Atomated: Walk-away proteomics
  • Compact: 18 inch footprint

Research Areas

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Cancer Immunology – Accelerate the Next Generation of Cancer Immunology With Functional Proteomics.

Uncover mechanism & improve functional immune fitness in novel solid tumor immunotherapies.

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Infectious Disease & Vaccines Research – See How Functional Immune Profiling Can Help Reveal Mechanisms of Immune Response in Infectious Disease & Vaccines.

Uncover functional immune responses with functional proteomics to harness the immune system across infectious disease and vaccine research.

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Cellular & Regenerative Medicine – Precision Development and Bioprocessing Are Creating the Next Generation of Potent Cellular & Regenerative Medicine.

Knowledge of the powerful functional T-cell drivers can give complex engineered immune cell therapies the edge they need.

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Inflammation & Neurological Response – Detect the Subsets that Impact Inflammation & Neurological Disease.

Use true functional immune cell biology to reveal targets, mechanism, and biomarkers for inflammatory & autoimmune driven responses in various contexts.

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Oncology – IsoPlexis' precision development and pathway monitoring are advancing targeting in Oncology.

Discover sources of resistance to Cancer Signaling Pathway therapies by understanding single-cell pathways that translate to therapeutic insights.

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Superpower your research across three core applications.
Accelerate potent, precise, and durable therapies - all in one system.

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Functional Immune Landscaping

Accelerate the ability to clarify lead candidate choice and durable biomarkers using the proteomic secretome from each single cell to accelerate path to higher efficacy with targeted immune therapies.

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Intracellular Signaling Omics

Identify adaptive phosphoproteomic signaling networks from rare subsets of single cells, targeting the entire set of signaling pathways to eliminate resistance and metastases.

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High-Plex Walk-Away Immunoassays

For the first time, unleash walk-away multiplexed proteomics in very low sample volumes, with an analytics suite that saves resources and time while delivering key omic insights.

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Superpowered Functional Proteomics for Every Lab. 
Discover the right system for your lab's throughput and immune landscaping needs.

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IsoSpeak Software

Same day visualizations and insights. Visualize, analyze, and export your data with a click of a button — no technicians needed.

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The Most Advanced Functional  Analysis Software

Built for push-button data visualization and explanation of key mechanistic and predictive insights driving immune medicine. Just toggle ON and OFF the parameters you wish to analyze, and IsoSpeak will do the rest!

Experience IsoSpeak


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News & Events


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Bucher Biotec AG

IsoPlexis’ IsoSpark Receives 2021 Red Dot Award for Product Design and Innovation

We are excited to announce that the IsoSpark has received the Red Dot Award for Highest Design Quality and Innovative Product! The Red Dot Awards recognize outstanding innovation in design from more than 18,000 entries annually.

The IsoSpark is a critical tool that provides new and accessible layers of biological data at the single-cell level, and the ability to interrogate the secreted proteome, the phosphoproteome, and the metabolome from single cells for the first time. The compact system allows for advanced cellular analysis in a benchtop instrument of just 18 inches in footprint. 

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Measure mitochondrial respiration and glycolysis as well as ATP production rate of live cells.

Measure mitochondrial respiration, glycolysis, and ATP production in live cells in a 96-well format

Simple, Automated, Charge-based DNA and RNA Extraction

LUNA-FX7™ Automated Fluorescence Cell Counter with unmatched cell counting accuracy

The MARS® System is the “one-stop” modular solution for complete cell isolation from complex samples

High multiplexing, high resolution in situ platform to combine single-cell and spatial genomics.

The best super-resolution microscopy experience, on your desktop.

The NovoCyte Penteon™ is a 5 laser benchtop flow cytometer with up to 30 colors

Benchtop Microfluidic Cell Sorting with Two Lasers and up to Nine Colors

An incubator designed specifically for the cultivation of primary human cells

Seahorse XFe24 Analyzers measure OCR and ECAR of live cells in a 24-well plate format.

Automated high content image acquisition and analysis for drug discovery and cell biology

Multicolor fluorescence imaging to data analysis in one device

Complete Characterization of Exosomes and Extracellular Vesicles (EVs)

IsoLight – Automated Cellular Proteomics Hub

IsoLight and IsoSpark – Single-Cell Functional Proteomics Hub

The LUNA-FL™ can count in both brightfield and fluorescence mode

The LUNA-II™ automated cell counter gives you the ultimate brightfield cell counting experience.

The NovoCyte Quanteon™ is a 4 laser benchtop flow cytometer with up to 25 colors

The QUANTOM Tx Microbial Cell Counter automatically identifies and counts individual bacterial cells

Single cells or nuclei from solid tissues in minutes

Tapestri® Platform: Untangle the complexity of cancer with true multi-omics.

Sterile, easy-to-use solutions for high cell integrity of single cell dispensing

Tissue Clearing System for electrophoretic tissue clearing

Optimized Microplate Solutions for Research & Drug Discovery

DeepLabel™ Antibody Staining Kit for Cleared Tissues

IsoPlexis Solutions and Kits

Autofocusing cell counting and declustering algorithm that counts individual yeast cells

Automated Fluorescence Cell Counter for Stem Cells & SVF

The NovoCyte Advanteon provides the flexibility of 1, 2, or 3 laser options.

Accurate & efficient single-cell detection of SNVs, indels, CNVs and LOH across targeted gene panels

NovoCyte Consumables and Accessories for your Flow Cytometry needs.

Overview of Consumables for the XF96 and XF24 Analyzers

Kits and reagents for real-time fluorescence plate reader-based live cell metabolism assays

Sterile, easy-to-use solutions for high cell integrity of single cell dispensing

The best value benchtop flow cytometer with high flexibility, enhanced sensitivity and resolution.

Simultaneously measures the two major energy producing pathways in live cells

Optimized solution for assessing mitochondrial function.

Measures the capacity of the glycolytic pathway by driving cells toward glycolysis.

Provides real-time measurements of glycolysis

Formulated media based on common culture media DMEM or RPMI, and optimized for use in XF assays.

Analytical method for measuring basal state mitochondrial fuel oxidation in live cells

For in vitro studies of long chain fatty acid oxidation by intact cells.

Permeabilizes intact cells in culture, selectively targeting the cellular plasma membrane.

Seahorse XF Real-Time ATP Rate Assay

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